How to setup Epson Printer for Windows?

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How to setup Epson Printer for Windows?

Printers are designed to reduce the load of the paperwork. If you are looking for a device having the feature of high-quality printing, then consider the Epson printer. Epson is a recognized brand used to design the wide array of laser, inkjet, wireless, and color printers. The device is used to print images at a high speed. Epson printer model reports different kinds of error during its execution. To setup Epson Printer for Windows read and follow the steps mentioned below:

Effective Methods to setup Epson Printer for Windows

Method 1

Go to the Control Panel and find the printers there in the list.

Do Right-click on your Epson printer and go to the properties of Printer to start.

Now, click on the “Preferences” option placed at the bottom.

Hit the “Advanced button” in the Preference tab.

Hit the “Advanced button” in the Preference tab.

Now, click on the OK button to close the option of the advanced window and then have a click on the “Peripherals tab” located at the top of the “Preferences window”.

You can also use the option of a cash drawer in this. But ensure that it is plugged into your Epson receipt printer.

Now, open the cash drawer and in this firstly choose the option of “Start of Document” and then test the drawer by clicking on the option of “Check button”.

Click on Apply button and then on OK button.

Now, open the “Properties” window and click on the “Advanced tab” and find the entire Printing Defaults button and click on it.

Now, Select the size of the paper in the Printing Default Advanced Options window and click on the OK button to close the window, and also click on the OK button for the Printing Default window.

Click on OK to save all the settings.

Method 2

Firstly, Download the set up of “Epson Connect Printer” and install it.

Click on the “End-User License Agreement”. Now, hit the NEXT Button.

Click on the Install and then on Finish.

Choose your “Product” and then click on the NEXT Button.

Afterward, Choose “Printer Registration” and click on the NEXT.

Now, have a Click on Agree Button and then on OK and if the message displays of Registration, Click on the OK button.

When you see the Register a printer to Epson Connect message, click OK.

Now, Close the window and activate the Scan to Cloud and Remote Print services.

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